8​-​Bit Hero

by Phrasure

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J. S. Greer
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J. S. Greer A very nice exploration into a digital world of a time now passed, yet through the lense of modern influence and musical maturity. It's almost like revisiting a beloved video game that you've not played in so long it's new again. Keep it up my friend. Favorite track: SeaCrawler.
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8-Bit Hero is the second instrumental tape, and the first conceptual beat tape by Birmingham, AL rapper/producer Phrasure. It features a story-driven tracklist using sounds that are familiar to the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis generation while also incorporating modern hip-hop influences.


released August 8, 2016

Tracks 1-8 produced by Phrasure
Album art by Primeval
Photo by Caitlin Glover



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Phrasure Birmingham, Alabama

Phrasure is a hip-hop artist/producer from the outskirts of Birmingham, AL, whose interest in recording and producing began in 2009. In 2014 he became 1/5 of Tempora Orbis, a group native to Alabama. On January 5th of 2015, Phrasure released his most recent album, Wonderlust, which plays off of the word "wanderlust"— the insatiable desire to travel. ... more

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Track Name: Press Start
Turning the system on, we witness the opening cut-scene, showcasing tons of gameplay footage, ending with the title screen/main menu.
Track Name: Open World
After going through a brief tutorial of basic gameplay, we find ourselves wandering into the beautiful scenery, incredibly naïve concerning our surroundings, simply curious of the oncoming adventures.
Track Name: Enemy Turf
Things begin to get dark as we venture into unfamiliar territory, where we realize we must hold our heads up, keep our eyes steady, and continue moving forward, confident in our abilities.
Track Name: Battle!
Our first enemy appears! We must put aside our fears and remain headstrong, going full force on the opposition.
Track Name: SeaCrawler
After the defeat of the enemy, we come across an enormous body of water that must be crossed in order to continue our quest.
Track Name: CaveDweller
On the opposite side of the lake, we encounter a cave, cold and damp; dripping with curiosity and excitement, we venture into the cave.
Track Name: Boss Mode
Finally, we make it far enough into the cave to find what we came for: the boss. A tough battle ensues.
Track Name: Credits Roll
The boss has been defeated. Everything is right with the world. Credits roll; thanks for playing!